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At MKS our downlights are designed with you in mind. We understand that each customer has unique requirements and specifications for their project. Fully customizable, with various sizes, color temperatures, warm dimming option and trims, our extensive product line includes something for everyone. No project is too big or small. Our line is built with the capability to make modifications to all existing models to suit your design and budget. Contact us with your specifications and a dedicated lighting professional will work collaboratively with you to ensure your needs are met on budget and on time.

104 Halleck Street
Brooklyn, NY, 11231

Michael Tucker


Michael is a graduate of the University of Kentucky and brings more than 20 years of Lighting Manufacturing and sales experience to MKS. Having been involved in all aspects of the lighting world from motion picture, stage and studio, theatrical, architectural and European decorative, Michael brings a vast knowledge of many different lighting applications and customer needs. From product development through product delivery, he has worked through every step of the manufacturing process and is versed in increasing efficiencies and company growth. He looks forward to molding MKS into an industry leader who will offer not just lighting fixtures but lighting solutions.

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John Luk

Chief Engineer

John is a graduate of Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science and brings over 25 years of Lighting Manufacturing and Design experience. Having successfully launched several hundred innovative LED Lighting fixtures and solutions throughout his career, he is a consummate expert in all aspects of UL compliance, Energy Star and DLC testing, and needed manufacturing processes and designs relating to Solid State Lighting and Controls. He has extensive experience managing all aspects of Production Engineering as well as Product Development and is well recognized in the industry. John has filed multiple patents and product trademarks throughout his career, and has expertise in electronic driver design and lighting controls.

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